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Clarity Healthcare are a national provider of Occupational Health Services with a head office in Heaton Mersey, Stockport around eight miles outside of Manchester City Centre.

Increasingly employee health and welfare is a challenging subject for Employers to manage. This is not just due to the sensitive nature of this relationship – but because the true cost of employee absence is now acknowledged as a key component when managing performance and productivity efficiencies.

Any organisation that tries to over-simplify the dynamic of this relationship is understating the obvious, the law, employees’ income and most significantly their health should not – by nature be easy subject matter. Occupational Health is a difficult and demanding aspect of employee relations and at Clarity we believe that our role is to steer our Clients through this minefield.

We believe there are numerous approaches available to aid management of this relationship – but the theme that best underpins our strategy is transparency – because we believe that at its root every employer intervention with their employees’ health will ultimately be welfare based.

We utilise our expertise to provide the appropriate advice; we develop processes and protocols that demonstrate our understanding of our industry and ensure all our Clinicians adopt this culture – making it easier for our clients to navigate this prospective minefield.

From initial consultation and identifying your organisational culture and requirements through to submission of final reports or certification we will ensure that your organisation has a clear and informed pathway to manage all aspects of this relationship.

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The Key

The key to providing this level of support is our National Network of qualified Clinical Staff – who we work alongside to ensure that we are developing our staff alongside our business.

Our Managers are encouraged to provide solutions, not further problems and our protocols are designed to quickly identify the true cause of issues and to work through them with our Clients – even if of itself this is challenging in the first instance. 

Each Clarity Client is designated an Account Manager – and their role is to ensure that your Managers & Key People have the support they require to manage often difficult, sensitive relationships with supportive, sound and relevant advice.


In support of this Clarity has a fleet of over twenty fully-furnished Mobile Medical Units located tactically across the country to deliver these services from – in the event that you do not have an on-site facility to undertake occupational health clinics.

We also provide a route to manage all the (sometimes unforeseen) outputs of Occupational Health by forming strong partnerships with experts in their respective fields. Our role is to provide access where it is required and in this spirit to form a partnership with your organisation too.

Ultimately our objective and universal ethos is to form and strengthen our relationships by being a reliable, consistent and considered support to your organisation.

Should you decide to get in touch we look forward to developing your relations with your employees – so that we can successfully develop our relationship with you.