Clarity Healthcare training is designed to provide value for all business types and sizes. From small business owners or managers without a dedicated HR department to the larger employer who would like to bring themselves up to date with the latest in employment law, best practice and management thinking.

We can also tailor training specifically to meet your needs and deliver it in your workplace. You can save time and money by training a group of managers at once and increase the relevancy to the needs of your organisation. Our training specialist will work with your managers or HR department to assess your needs and design a training programme tailored to your organisation. We can focus on the specific company policies, organisational culture or issues you wish to address and we can help you to focus on individual solutions to management, communication or conflict areas in your workplace.

Our trainers adopt an enthusiastic, energetic, participative and facilitative style when delivering training material, which enables individuals to take on board and internalise information and encourages them to learn. This also enables individuals to enjoy their learning as well as receiving the relevant knowledge to help them develop.

The following is a summary of the various training courses that Clarity Healthcare can provide to its clients.


The following selection of management and supervision courses are designed to enable individuals to develop their knowledge, skills and attitude, leading to improving their performance and compliance with relevant and ever changing employment law.

Browse a selection of management and supervision courses below to begin building these important skills as a manager/supervisor.

Absence Management
Appraisal Skills
Disciplinary and Grievance Handling
Management and Leadership Development
Managing Conflict
Managing Change
Managing Diversity – Equality of Opportunity
Motivation – How to Motivate Your team
Recruitment and Selection
Team Building for Managers

2. DEVELOPMENT TRAINING (for all employees)

Staff development is a crucial part of high performing companies and research shows that companies that invest in their employees’ development perform better. The following courses will enhance employees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes, leading to enhanced performance within the workplace.

Browse a selection of developmental courses below to begin building these important skills to help improve performance within the workplace.

Customer Service
Managing Change
Presentation Skills Training
Team Membership
Time Management
Assertiveness Skills


Many organisations work in a safety critical environment and, therefore, understanding safety is very important. The following courses help individuals understand the importance of safety and can be designed to meet the particular needs of the company.

Browse a selection of developmental courses below to begin building these important skills to help improve the safety performance within the workplace.

Safety Training for Managers
Safety Training for Drivers and Operatives
 Incident Investigation for Managers and Supervisors


The design of bespoke training and development courses will assist companies with the particular needs of their industry, culture and customer requirements. These bespoke training courses will also follow specific policy and procedures relevant to the company concerned.


We design our training to provide practical knowledge that both employers and employee representatives can take back into the workplace. Each of our training sessions is delivered by trainers skilled in finding solutions to workplace issues.

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Drug & Alcohol Screening

Substance misuse in the workplace is considered one of the most critical problems facing industry today. They increase the risk of accident, lower productivity, raise insurance costs and reduce profits. It is vital that employers and employees are aware of the implications of substance misuse within the workplace, particularly in relation to safety.

A comprehensive drug-free workplace programme may be the best means of preventing, detecting, and dealing with substance abusers.

Such a programme generally includes the following elements:
• A written policy that is supported by top management, understood by all employees, consistently enforced, and perfectly clear about what is expected of employees and the consequences of policy violations;

• A substance abuse prevention programme with an employee drug education component that focuses not only on the dangers of drug and alcohol use but also on the availability of counselling and treatment;

• Training of managers, front-line supervisors, human resource personnel, medical staff, and others in identifying and dealing with substance abusers;

• An appropriate drug and alcohol testing component, designed to prevent the hiring of workers who use illegal drugs and – as part of a comprehensive programme – provide early identification and referral to treatment for employees with drug or alcohol problems.

Clarity Healthcare Ltd has become one of the country’s leading authorities on the problems associated with managing substance misuse in the workplace. Many of the UK’s leading employers have adopted Clarity Healthcare’s proven strategy, fulfilling their legal obligations and responsibilities.

• Clarity provides every aspect for managing a successful drug and alcohol strategy. This includes:

• Confidential Advice
• Testing Procedures
• Collection Services
• Legal Services
• Project Management
• Awareness Programme
• Policy Construction
• Training Packages

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