Post Offer Medicals

By screening new employees, you are able to identify and manage health issues, prevent ill health and establish a benchmark against future ill health claims. 

Start off with a post offer health questionnaire for intrinsic elements of the role (EA 2010), a simple and cost-effective process available to all companies regardless of their size and structure. The post offer health assessment includes a range of tests from Urinalysis to Vision Screening.

The key benefits of introducing a pre-employment screening service are:

cost effective way of identifying health problems that might affect the employee’s ability to give an effective and reliable service.

• can significantly reduce Sickness Absence levels’

• ensures the employer meets legal obligations contained within Acts such as the Equality Act, the GDPR, Working Time Regulations and others specific to your business.

• provides companies with a baseline health status of each employee at commencement of employment and between internal transfers; often useful as supporting evidence during and after employment.

• avoids duplication of effort and follows industry best practice by incorporating mandatory Health Surveillance in cases where there are special Regulatory health requirements in the workplace.

Many employers use some form of medical assessment for new employees, prior to starting work. All pre-employment assessments are undertaken in compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

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