Case Management

Absence from work is a growing concern.  Work related ill-health
can happen in any business, whatever its size. 

The key to successful management is:
• A clearly defined process
• Clear identifiable trigger points
• A system to manage these trigger points
• Promotion of a speedy resolution of cases

Clarity Healthcare uses two methods to ensure successful management of sickness absence:

Telephone Based Assessments
These are consultations based on the use of detailed questioning and previous medical history. Consultations can be booked within 48 – 72 hours with a full written report within 48 hours thereafter. Telephone based assessments are especially effective as an initial assessment prior to a face to face consultation, in the event of an individual returning to work quickly or where an individual is unable to come to a clinic.

Face to Face Assessments
Ad-hoc consultations and fixed day clinics can be arranged to suit the customer. Face to face consultations are especially beneficial for muscular-skeletal issues or where an examination needs to take place.

A pre and post case conference will be conducted with the HR manager or appointed general manager.

Clarity Healthcare will support and manage issues relating to sickness absence, reviewing trends within the business and developing strategies to overcome problem areas.

Positive management of occupational health issues can lead to savings many times greater than the investment needed to achieve this.

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